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Trusted online payments for UK schools

Why iPayimpact?

Manage ALL school income online

iPayimpact offers a simple and secure way for parents and guardians to pay for all school purchases, including school dinners, trips, events, tickets, and school shop.

iPayimpact offers peace of mind to school staff, parents, and pupils by removing the need for pupils to bring cash and cheques into schools entirely.

iPayimpact is designed to work seamlessly across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile phone!


iPayimpact offers significant savings for schools

iPayimpact boasts one the most flexible payment plans to help schools maximise their return on investment. There is no charge per pupil to use the software and on top of that.

How much could you save by switching to iPayimpact? For schools looking to get the most out of their online payments contract, we’ve created a handy tool to help calculate your potential savings with iPayimpact. Click on the button below to use our online calculator.

Highest level of security & compliance

Security is our top priority. iPayimpact users benefit from knowing all payments made through the platform are covered under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), providing the highest level of security for schools and a level of protection over online payments rarely offered by school online payment providers.

How secure is your current online payment system? Download our handy checklist of key features and regulations to look for in your online payment provider.

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The perfect solution for all stakeholders

Product features

School Leaders

Learn how iPayimpact continues to help Anne, Irene, and Alison in their day-to-day roles as business manager, administration assistant, and headteacher at North Lanarkshire council.


Parents Karen (parent and member of the parent council) and Louise (parent and teacher) talk about their experience with iPayimpact.  Watch to learn why parents and guardians choose iPayimpact.


North Lanarkshire pupils, Erin and Niobe, talk about their favourite features of iPayimpact. Watch to find out why they recommend iPayimpact to their friends!

The perfect solution for your establishment

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Primary schools

iPayimpact is the complete online payment and whiteboard pre-ordering solution for primary schools. Contact our team below to learn more.

Secondary schools

Remove cash and generate substantial time and monetary savings with iPayimpact. Learn more about our all-in-one online system by booking a demonstration below.


For Councils, MATs, Local Authorities and Caterers, iPayimpact simplifies the payment process across all sites within your network and allows a group or individual site reporting.


Resources for Schools

Download our valuable resources

Do you already have an existing contract with another provider but are looking for a greater return on your investment? Use our free tool to see how much you can save by switching to iPayimpact.

Unsure what is best when it comes to payment security, GDPR, and compliance? Download our checklist to help you choose the right online payment platform for your establishment.

iPayimpact is the perfect solution for establishments catering for secondary schools, primary schools, and multi-sites such as councils, MATs, Local Authorities, and caterers. Trusted by over 1,000 UK schools, download our full product flyer below.

Lets get started

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