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Frequently Asked Questions

iPayimpact for Parents


I have more than one child in the same school, can I pay for all their items at the same time?

Yes, parents can add multiple items to the payment basket for multiple children in the same school.

What if I have children in other schools, can I make payments for them using a single login too?

Yes, parents can make payments for all their children using a single login, provided that both schools are using iPayimpact.

Can I setup payment schedules for funds such as school trips and school meals?

Yes, as a parent you can set up automatic payment schedules to pay for trips and school meals. Payments will be processed based on the schedule you set for your child(s) funds.

Can I see the current balances and payment history?

Yes, all current balances are shown in real time and previous payments are saved in your profile for review at any time.

How will I know if balances are low, or if payments are due?

Email alerts will be sent to your registered email address. Text messages can also be activated, depending on the school’s decision to opt into this service.

Is there a cost to me as a parent to receive texts or emails?

No, there are no associated costs to parents to receive emails or text messages.

iPayimpact for school administration


Is it easy to setup funds?

Yes, iPay is designed to guide you through the setup process using drop down options and simple selection criteria, such as calendar dates and class selection.

Can I upload documents so parents can download them?

Yes, documents can be uploaded to provide parents with information on the funds, such as school trips. Application forms and consent forms can also be uploaded.

Can the system accommodate manual payments, such as cash or cheques?

Yes, cash and cheque payments can be lodged in the system as an alternative to online payments.

Can I send reminders to parents to make scheduled payments?

Yes, reminder emails or texts can be triggered as required.  The system has a filter to allow you to target specific parents where needed.

I’m worried about the wording in the reminder email, can it be changed?

Yes, reminder emails can be sent using bespoke template letters.  You can also create your own template to suit the communication preference.

Is the system able to take bursary payments to adjust expected balances for individuals?

Yes, the system has the functionality to support any adjustments required for individuals, including bursary payments.

Does the system offer an online shop facility for users to make payments towards home economics, technical, uniform, lockers, badges, etc?

Yes, there’s an online shop to allow parents to purchase uniforms, badges, home economics, technical etc.

Does the system have a reporting suite to allow me to check balances and payments as well as other statistics?

Yes, a full reporting suite is available to report on payments, balances and other information.

iPayimpact technical information


Does the System provide its services through HTTPS encryption?

Yes, iPay is secured via HTTPS.

Does the system meet the requirements of PCI DSS?

Yes, the iPay gateway is PCI DSS level 1 compliant.

Does the system meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements?

Yes, the system is fully GDPR compliant.

Are CRB Cunninghams FCA registered?

Yes, CRB Cunninghams are FCA registered and approved.  According to provisions made under the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA) 2000, financial activities must be regulated by the FCA.  Any firm (whether a business, not for profit or a sole trader) carrying out a regulated activity must be authorised or registered.

Is the data processed secure and hosted in the UK?

Yes, all the information processed and stored resides within the UK only.  CRB Cunninghams provide market leading security as standard.

Does the system allow users to self-serve a password reset and/or username?

Yes, the system allows the user to reset their password and or their username.

Does the system allow for ledger codes and can they be exported or made available in reports?

Yes. iPay allows the use of ledger codes to allow management of funds within the system.  It’s also possible to export the data, for use in external back office management systems.

Our pupil information is held in an MIS system.  Will this be imported/updated into iPay automatically without manual intervention on a regular basis?

Yes, we have direct interfaces with the main MIS systems in the UK.  We have export tools which automatically keep the information feed up to date hourly, every day.

iPayimpact financial information


What is the transaction rate associated with using iPay?

The transaction rate is a flat rate of 1.2% of all transactions.  There are no additional costs associated with transactions.

Can the system pay into multiple bank accounts?

Yes, funds can be dispersed into pre-determined bank accounts.  This is particularly useful if there’s a need to disperse funds into separate school bank accounts or external school meal provider bank accounts.

Can the system create, run, and export financial and audit reports in CSV, PDF, and Excel formats?

Yes, data can be exported into the stated formats.

Does the system allow for refunds to be generated from within the system back to their credit/debit card?

iPay provides the facility to refund transactions back to the originating card.  The refund is processed against the original payment transaction and a complete audit history is available showing the original payment and the refund transaction.

How does the money reach our bank account(s)?

A BACS transfer is made once per working week.  The funds are settled directly into the designated bank account(s) NET of transaction charges.

Do we receive an invoice for the transaction costs?

Yes, directly from the merchant.

Will we able to check the transaction costs to allow us to reconcile?

Yes.  The BACS reporting suite allows full access and breakdown of all costs in PDF/Excel/CSV formats. Reporting provides gross and net figures.

Can teachers/staff use the system to make payments too?

Yes, both teachers and staff members can use the system to make payments.

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